ETG V+ SUPREME 0W40 is a 100% synthetic, universal premium performance engine oil which meets the highest requirements for this viscosity. It is PAO base oil enriched with a well-balanced choice of additives.

Technical characteristics

Performance level


BMW Longlife-04
GM Dexos™ 2
MB 229.31/229.51

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ETG V+ Supreme 0W40 exceeds all specifications of the industry standard API SN+

  • 15% higher and stable viscosity index
  • 25% lower evaporation loss – long life
  • 10% higher TBN – long life
  • HTHS -> high performance with 2% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Much lower pour point – cold-starting performance
  • Very low sulphate ash combined with outstanding detergency and dispersion power – CLEAN ENGINE PERFORMANCE