ETG 0W30 is characterised by excellent cold-starting performance and achieves a very high viscosity index.  Thanks to the special composition of additives, it extends the lifespan of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and 3-way catalytic converters significantly.

Technical characteristics

Performance level

MB 229.31
BMW Longlife-04

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Safety data sheet ETG 0W30 EN
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It is a synthetic energy efficient engine oil, for petrol and diesel engines and for high-performance vehicles with diesel particulate filter and 3-way catalytic converters, which require a minimum HTHS of 3,5 mPas.

  • excellent cold-starting properties, even at temperatures below -25°

  • very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour and shear stability

  • fuel savings under all operating conditions

  • secure lubricant film at high operating temperatures

  • neutrality towards sealants

  • low evaporation, thus low oil consumption

  • excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming