ETG Diesel Additive - Pure Performance

ETG Diesel Additive is designed for constant dosage and protects the entire fuel system. The additive has a superior cleaning effect, removes existing deposits and prevents formation of new ones.

By improving the diesels octane number, ETG Diesel Additive enhances ignition and leads to a smoother combustion process.

The performance benefits of ETG Diesel Additive have been proven in a wide range of engines and on-road tests. Not only will you benefit from a longer engine life by having a clean engine but you will also enjoy better start-up performance even at extreme temperatures. Let ETG Diesel Additive restore the full potential of your engine.

Increased efficiency

ETG Diesel Additive supports the performance of all common diesel fuels and significantly improves stability of fuels with various biodiesel content. The increase in fuel efficiency with the use of ETG Diesel Additive helps to reduce your engines fuel consumption and emissions.

We recommend ETG Diesel Additive for use in Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volvo Cars, VW and others.

ETG Diesel Additive can be easily applied during your regular stops at the gas station.

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