ETG Engine Flush is suitable for use in all diesel and petrol engines. It neutralises and dissolves aggressive residues and resins throughout the oil system. It contains a highly effective anti-friction lubricant that reliably protects the engine during the cleaning process.

Only a clean engine can run on full power

  • 100% made in Germany, certified and approved by TÜV NORD
  • easy to use
  • removes stubborn deposits and residues in the upper cylinder area, e.g. piston rings, annular gaps, hydraulic valve lifter and valve train
  • improves and stabilises compression in all cylinders
  • enhances fuel economy and reduces oil consumption, improves protection against wear.
  • reduces harmful exhaust emissions, extends the life span of the catalytic converter
  • avoids recontamination of newly exchanged oil with residues and deposits of used oil

Add to the oil system before every oil change. Let the engine idle for approximately 15-20 minutes. Carry out the oil change according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 300 ml is sufficient for 5 litres of oil. For larger capacities, add 60ml per litre of oil. Product can be disposed of as waste oil.