ETG V+ SUPREME 0W20 is a 100 % synthetic, fuel economy performance engine oil, designed to meet the highest requirements for this viscosity. Due to its outstanding low viscosity, it must be used in modern sophisticated fuel saving engines only.  It extends oil change intervals.  It is a quality PAO base oil enriched with a well-balanced choice of additives.

Technical characteristics

Performance level

API SN Resource Conserving / ACEA C5

JLR 51.5122

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Safety data sheet V+0W20JR - EN
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ETG V+ Supreme 0W20 exceeds all specifications of the industry standard API SN+

  • 20% higher and stable viscosity index
  • 30% lower evaporation loss – long life
  • 15% higher TBN – long life
  • HTHS – high performance with 5% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Very low pour point – cold-starting performance
  • Strong protection against wear and corrosion
  • Extreme low sulphate ash combined with outstanding detergency and dispersion power – CLEAN ENGINE PERFORMANCE