ETG V+ SUPREME 0W30 – is a high-performance racing engine oil specifically composed for modern petrol and diesel engines with exhaust after-treatments, turbochargers and extended maintenance intervals. Fully synthetic PAO base oils are combined with the most advanced additive technology with low ash content. The optimised viscosity grade guarantees outstanding wear protection even at very low external temperatures and under extreme driving conditions.  It guarantees service intervals of up to 30,000km.

Technical characteristics

Performance level

VW 504.00/507.00
MB 229.51/229.31
BMW Longlife-04
Porsche C30


ETG V+ Performance 0W30 exceeds all specifications of the industry standard API SN+

  • 15% higher and stable viscosity index
  • 25% lower evaporation loss – long life
  • 10% higher TBN – long life
  • HTHS -> high performance with 2% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Much lower pour point – cold-starting performance
  • Very low sulphate ash combined with outstanding detergency and dispersion power – CLEAN ENGINE PERFORMANCE