ETG Gasoline Additive for Motorcycle

ETG Gasoline Additive is specially made for motorcycle 4T engines.  It is designed to clean and protect fuel system, and to enhance engine performance.

  • Removes deposits in fuel system, on valves, spark plugs, injectors and in combustion chambers
  • The ‘Clean-and-Keep-Clean’ property prevents new deposits building up
  • Increases engine performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption. Maximizes fuel economy
  • Prevents corrosion and wear
  • Increases gasoline’s octane rating
  • Lowers harmful exhaust emissions


  • 100 ml additive (1 can) for 15 -20 liters of fuel
  • Simply add directly into fuel tank before refuel
  • Suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines (carburetor and injector)
  • Avoid overdosing additive, follow the recommended ratio
  • Compatible with all unleaded and bio fuels
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Safety data sheet ETG Diesel Add -EN
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