ETG V+ Supreme engine oil is designed for super-sports and high-performance cars.  It combines the highest purified synthetic or PAO base oils with a well-balanced additives package, featuring the distinctive VSEDA and Mega Wear Protection formula.  V+ Supreme engine oil delivers discernible premium properties to protect and support engines even under racing conditions.
  • Mega Protection and Performance Enhancement

    The ultra-effective anti-friction additives of V+ form an extraordinarily resilient film on metal parts to provide outstanding load-carrying capacity and wear protection.  It boosts protection against wear, corrosion, foaming and aging even in extreme conditions, whilst enhancing fuel economy.    It promotes excellent lubrication film stability across a wide temperature range and provides superior valve train component protection and increased engine performance.

  • VSEDA Cleaning Control

    It controls the deposits and keeps contaminants suspended in the oil so they can be carried safely to the filter and removed.  It neutralises the by-products of combustion, prevents carbon particles and sludge from accumulating in the lubrication system, especially on moving parts.  All these properties are critical in modern combustion engines which must operate within marginal tolerances.

V+ 0W20 LR

V+ 0W30

V+ 0W40

V+ 5W30

V+ 5W40

V+ 10W60