Combining the technical background for exhaust treatment and the increasing legal requirements for clean air in Europe and around the globe, we developed and designed logistical solutions for the supply of AdBlue®.

ETG – AdBlue® is a high-quality product formulated to reduce pollution released by light and heavy diesel vehicles fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The use of AdBlue® can reduce up to 90% of harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions that a diesel car produces through its exhaust system following the combustion process.

ETG – AdBlue® is a high purity product which meets all the requirements of ISO 22241. The product is classed as non-hazardous.

The filler to the separate reservoir may be behind the fuel tank cover, in the boot or in the engine compartment, depending on the vehicle model.

The amount of AdBlue® needed depends on various criteria such as driving style, system operating temperature and ambient temperature. On average, each vehicle uses about 1.5 to 2.5 litres for every 1,000 km. Keep in mind, that if the AdBlue® reservoir is empty the vehicle’s engine will not start.

10 litres

210 litres

1000 litres

Technical characteristics

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Safety data sheet ETG AdBlue® - EN

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