ETG – AirCon Clean + Fresh 

For professional and efficient cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning system. Kills bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms and prevents formation of new ones.  Neutralizes unpleasant odors, provides clean and fresh air.  Gives a natural fragrance in the vehicle after application.  Simple to use, no need to dismantle the air-conditioning system.

Size: 150 ml


Recommended use : every 6 months.
Before use, read the directions on the packaging or scan the QR code to access the instruction video clip.

  1. Shake can well before use.

  2. Dry A / C system for 5-10 min at the following settings: engine: on, A / C: off, air flow: recirculating mode, temperature: warm, fan: maximum.

  3. Put the AirCon refresher in the front passengers‘ footwell.

  4. Switch on A / C on recirculating mode, set fan at maximum, temperature on minimum.

  5. Push down the spray nozzle.

  6. Keep doors and windows closed. Can sprays out automatically within a maximum of 2 minutes.

  7. Let A / C run for additional 5 minutes. Afterwards ventilate the interior of the vehicle property